Note: Goby version 1 (shown here) is now considered obsolete. Please use version 2 for new projects, and consider upgrading old projects.

Goby Underwater Autonomy Project  Series: 1.1, revision: 163, released on 2013-02-06 14:23:27 -0500
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
goby::acomms::ABCDriverAPI to the imaginary ABC modem (as an example how to write drivers)
goby::acomms::DCCLCodecAPI to the Dynamic CCL Codec
goby::acomms::DCCLExceptionException class for libdccl
goby::acomms::DCCLMessageValDefines a DCCL value
goby::acomms::MACManagerAPI to the goby-acomms MAC library
goby::acomms::MMDriverAPI to the WHOI Micro-Modem driver
goby::acomms::ModemDriverBaseAbstract base class for acoustic modem drivers. This is subclassed by the various drivers for different manufacturers' modems
goby::acomms::QueueManagerAPI to the goby-acomms Queuing Library
goby::ConfigExceptionIndicates a problem with the runtime command line or .cfg file configuration (or --help was given)
goby::ExceptionSimple exception class for goby applications
goby::util::ColorsRepresents the eight available terminal colors (and bold variants)
goby::util::FlexNCursesEnables the Verbosity == gui mode of the Goby logger and displays an NCurses gui for the logger content
goby::util::FlexOstreamForms the basis of the Goby logger: std::ostream derived class for holding the FlexOStreamBuf
goby::util::FlexOStreamBufClass derived from std::stringbuf that allows us to insert things before the stream and control output. This is the string buffer used by goby::util::FlexOstream for the Goby Logger (glogger)
goby::util::LineBasedInterfaceBasic interface class for all the derived serial (and networking mimics) line-based nodes (serial, tcp, udp, etc.)
goby::util::LoggerHolds static objects of the Goby Logger
goby::util::SerialClientBasic client for line by line text based communications over a 8N1 tty (such as an RS-232 serial link) without flow control
goby::util::TCPClientBasic TCP client for line by line text based communications to a remote TCP server
goby::util::TCPServerBasic TCP server for line by line text based communications to a one or more remote TCP clients
goby::util::TermColorConverts between string, escape code, and enumeration representations of the terminal colors
GroupDefines a group of messages to be sent to the Goby logger. For Verbosity == verbose streams, all entries appear interleaved, but each group is offset with a different color. For Verbosity == gui streams, all groups have a separate subwindow
GroupSetterHelper class for enabling the group(std::string) manipulator
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